About Us

The BRP Story

 One of the most gifted guitarists in West Virginia, Bryan formed "the project" (Bryan on guitar, percussionist Lee Hines, and bassist Steve Arnett) to share and showcase his fingerstyle guitar abilities and original music. 

This is pure music in the sense that it is not commercialized.  Rather, it is intended to reach the soul and heart of the listener.  

A little more detail about BRP

Bryan's originals are truly heart-felt writings and beautifully performed.

And...don't let the arrangements of "cover tunes" mislead your picture of how we do this...most of what you'll hear is our little spin of what we like to call jazzy cliche' to easily recognizable songs.  

We'd love to share with you

 With a mix of original compositions and our arrangements of "cover tunes", The Bryan Roberts Project is perfect for restaurants, house parties, corporate events, weddings, etc.

Bryan, Lee and Steve blend perfectly in what we sincerely hope will leave a smile on your face as well as in your heart.